The whole building is treated with ScalePro and the dishwasher is about 200 feet from the unit.  After 3 weeks, about half of the scale build up inside the dishwasher is gone.  The inlet and outlet tables are clean now, and the heating element is not accumulating scale any more.  About half of the scale has come loose already.  No spots on glassware.  We have not turned down the soap metering pump yet.  The biggest benefit to us is our icemaker now makes ice without floaties in the bottom of your drink.

Goodwill Cafeteria Dishwasher

My city water fed circuit board washer is 25 years old and 20 feet long.  I have used a salt softener to keep it descaled until a month ago.  My city water contains Calcium Carbonate and Silica.  The Calcium is taken care of by my salt softener, but it does nothing with the Silica.  The scale build up on the tank walls and heating element is significant, not enough to stop the heaters from working, but over 1/8” thick.  Six days after installing the ScalePro unit on the water inlet to the washer, the final rinse chamber completely descaled, the stainless conveyor rails, the spray bars, the chamber walls, and the chamber floor.  I expected this to happen, but not in 6 days.  The splash guard inside the window is also clean of scale in 6 days.


The water flows from the final rinse chamber into the rinse chamber and that chamber is cleaning up already.  After 3 weeks, it is completely clean except for the thick scale layer on the heating element itself.  Big chunks of scale have dropped off the heating element to the tank bottom and there are sections of the heater that are now exposed metal.  The scale that is still on the heater is soft enough to scratch with a finger nail now and at the rate it is being removed, I expect it will be completely clean after 3 months.  I am starting to see the wash chamber windows start to clean up too.  To enhance the process, I am going to install a Model 200 on the recirculation pump in the wash tank so that the water is treated several times an hour rather than just once when it comes into the machine.


I have super hard water in San Diego so I have always used a salt softener.  My well feeds two houses and several out buildings.  My water pipe is 2 inch.  After 26 days, my pre-filters in front of my softeners clogged up with this brown and black lumpy stuff that I had never seen before.  It obviously came out of my piping system and pressure tank.  After another month I got more of this in my filters.  After the third month, the filters are pretty clean, just stopping the white sand and silt from the well.  Because the cold water was not softened, the mixing of hot and cold in my son’s shower clouded up his clear glass door so badly you couldn’t see through it at the bottom.  After 26 days, more than half of the film was gone and by the second month, it was all gone, including on the aluminum frame.  We do use more soap now in the dishwasher and laundry.  I washed my black semi tractor on day 4, wanting to prove that I still got spots without salt.  There were no spots on the black paint, the chrome, or on any of the glass.  I am going to get my boss to install one at the shop in the wash bay.  It saves me 30 minutes every time I wash my rig.


In the lobby of my business is a black Kuerig coffee machine that was always crusty with white scale deposits that were difficult to clean off.  It was embarrassing.  Now the little bit of white residue that forms on it wipes off with either a wet or dry cloth.  Bathrooms always look clean, not just after janitor visits.  Back bathroom is 200 feet from the water heater.  Hot water gets there over twice as fast.


On November 25th and 27th of 2015, the engineer at the hospital installed a ScalePro on one of two humidifiers.  Both humidifiers are fed with city water.  After two months, both humidifiers were inspected and the one with just city water was badly scaled up and the one with ScalePro treated water was clean.

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